One of the guys I work with, John, brought a puppy to work on Friday that his wife was fostering. I fell in love instantly, but didn't want to get attached because my coworker has been wanting a second dog. Besides that, I thought for sure Bud would say no to another dog. I brought the subject up, but didn't push by asking if we could adopt him. Over the weekend, my coworker's husband said no to getting another dog. He brought the puppy to work again on Monday because our branch manager wanted to see it. The puppy was in the lab with us all afternoon, and again, I tried not to fall in love with him. He kept coming up and laying his head on my leg and I was trying hard not to give in to the temptation of giving him some loving. I took a picture of the puppy sleeping and texted it to Bud. Well, later on, someone asked how old he was. I looked in his mouth to see his teeth, then I picked him up. It was all over then, I was hooked. John insisted that he bring the puppy to my house that night so Bud could see him. I told him that Bud would probably say no. John said that he wanted the puppy to go to a good home, and he knew that we would take wonderful care of it. I had heated leftovers and everytime I would go into the living room to give something to Bud, he was looking at the puppy picture I texted him. John got here, and we all went outside. I had suggested the name that I thought of on the way home from work, and Bud said, "No, I like Tucker." I knew it was all over then, he was hooked.  The puppy and Maggie played together, we introduced him to the goats, and then we let them run around. He really seemed to have a blast making new friends with the other animals and running around. I filled out the application and submitted it today. Now the interminable wait is on. The suspense is already killing me. We are hoping for good news. Please cross your fingers for us. We all have ours crossed. I think Maggie has her paws crossed too.

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