I have had many friends that have been commenting that I needed to keep a diary or write a blog of all of our happenings on our little farm. I have decided that with today being a rainy day that it would be as good a time as any to start. Please bear with me on this since I have never done something like this before. There is a lot to learn, but it should be a fun way to share all the happy, sad, fun, scary, and crazy experiences that we encounter. Please feel free to check back often as I figure out how to post pictures and change things around on here. Welcome to a glimpse into our fun little world.

Richard Brand
7/11/2011 09:36:21 am

Love it. Just hope my wife doesn't see the goats. I have an ARK of my own to take care of.LOL

7/12/2011 09:55:05 pm

Hi Jennifer & Bud & Katie,
Love your pictures! What are the names of all those diffrent kinds of chickens?
They are all so cute.
Can't wait to hear more on your bee keeping adventure!
Love you guys,

7/16/2011 10:55:02 pm

Jealous! It's absolutely amazing what you guys do. Hope some day to have something like this too.


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