Ahhh, finally an update - Harmony Hollow Farm
It has been way too long since I updated our progress. I went to the Lancaster County Beekeepers Association meeting tonight. I learned some more about bees and met some very nice people. I can't wait until the October meeting because they are discussing Top Bar hives. That is the type we are going to be using, and I am excited to finally get to learn some information in person instead of reading everything on paper or on the internet.

The second generation Silk Tops have hatched and are growing up way too fast. They are fun to watch running around because they look like little cotton balls. Doc is a really good Daddy and was right in their with the Momma teaching the babies how to eat. He actually sits on them at night to keep them warm while Momma goes up on the perch.

We also had two Blue Light Brown Dutch Bantams hatch out babies on the same day last week. They are sooo tiny. Check out the for sale page if you want any babies. LOL

I have been noticing a hint of color on a few trees over the last week or so, fall is around the corner. I won't miss the hot weather, but I am also not looking forward to the frozen waterers when winter comes. I am looking forward to the cooler temperatures though so I can finish fencing in the back pasture. I would love to be able to rotate the goats to the back pasture on the weekends so they can munch on all the browse in the woods. They will be in heaven when I get that project finished. That is the last project that I have planned, I just hope the deer will still be able to get into the pasture at night once I replace the barbed wire with field fencing. We enjoy watching them eat and frolic under the light that is back there.

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