Well, after talking to the neighbor that we buy our hay from, I have decided to try round bales this year. He has some weedy second cutting hay that didn't turn out very well this year, so I told him I would see how the goats like it. That means I get to play with some tools this weekend to build a "hay port." It will be like a car port, except it will be housing a round bale of hay and have enough of an overhang that the goats can eat without getting wet when it rains. I have already designed it up in my head, and then transferred my idea to paper. I will be cleaning the coops in the morning, and then heading to Lowe's to go lumber shopping, and Tractor Supply for the cattle panels for my idea to keep the bale in a ball. The last thing I need those little buggers to do is spread the bale throughout their whole pasture within the first day or two. We already have enough steel roofing material to cover the roof. It should be alot of fun with all the "help" I am going to get from the goats. When we built their play cottage, Oreo kept stealing the screws, then they chewed the strap off the tape measure and chewed on the impact driver. It is always an adventure trying to build with their help. Something that normally should take only a few minutes can take a half hour with their help. If you bend over to pick something up, you may end up wearing a goat on your back as well. Ask me how I know. LOL I will post pictures of my helpers and my progress. I might just have to turn them loose into the woods tomorrow to let them browse and keep them out of my hair. (Yes, they like chewing on hair too, silly goats.)

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