Spring is here! - Harmony Hollow Farm
Spring is definitely here. We have ducks, geese, a guinea, and chickens all broody. I think we should have a hatch-a-thon within the next week or so. It has been exciting around here lately with all the new additions. We recently acquired 3 tiny call ducks whom Katy named Donald, Nutmeg, and Cinnamon, a set of twin Nigerian Dwarf kids named Chip and Dale, a beautiful new Black Copper Maran rooster named Cooper, a new farm kitty named Smokey, and of course the bees. If Katy had her way, I think every bee would have a name as well. She insists that every single critter we have needs a name. 

Katy has tilled up our garden all by herself, and it is starting to be planted, slowly but surely. We have been busy planting some additional flowers to feed the bees too. We have one apple tree, and a fig tree in our orchard so far, and if all goes well, they will have some additional companion trees added this weekend.

The bees are doing wonderfully. They have been hard at work building some beautiful pure white comb. One of my highlights every day after work is to go sit by the hive and just watch the bees coming and going. Then I peek in the window of the hive to watch them working on the inside. Katy and I are totally in awe of this newest endeavor. We both love going to the beekeeping meetings to learn about the bees and meet new people. We are both making some wonderful new friends in the process.

With upwards of 80 critters (not including the bees) running around the farm, the work is never ending, but I would rather stay home to do this any day if I could, than to have to go to work each day in Charlotte.

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